From the wildernesses of the Scottish Highlands to the vibrancy of Europe’s biggest city, the combination of a rich cultural heritage and some of  the most dynamic and cosmopolitan places in the world makes the UK one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. In 2010 28 million people chose to visit the UK, creating an industry that is worth $30 billion yearly.

Britain is arguably one of the most diverse countries in the world, and this variety is reflected wherever you decide to travel. Northern Ireland is home to a number of beautiful historical landmarks including the Giant’s Causeway, Belfast Castle and the walled city of Londonderry, as well as stunning mountains, glens and national parks, yet it also has a fantastic music scene with traditional and modern festivals throughout the year and has become somewhat of a shopping destination due to its proliferation of local designers.

Wales is suffused with the atmosphere of myth and history within its landscape, with over 641 fortresses and castles scattered across its majestic mountains, spectacular coastline and small villages. The spectre of King Arthur and Merlin hangs over many of these sites, and at the end of the day visitors can enjoy some of Wales’ traditional food such as laverbread or mountain lamb. Despite the gentle pace in its rural areas,  Wales is also home to Britain’s youngest city of Cardiff, with a range of shops and nightlife alongside the impressive Millenium Stadium, where the national sport of rugby can be seen first-hand.

In Scotland you can try and spot the Loch Ness Monster, play on some of the world’s finest golf courses and marvel at the beauty of its many uninhabited islands and the Highlands wildernesses. Alternatively, Glasgow and Edinburgh are very much cosmopolitan destinations: Edinburgh in particular thrives on its buzzing cultural scene and hosts the renowned Edinburgh International festival every year, where hundreds of music, comedy and drama acts take place underneath the imposing Edinburgh Castle.

Finally, England has hundreds of attractions for every kind of tourist, from over 600 miles of coastline, 21 UNESCO World Heritage sites, forests, castles, stately homes, zoos, caves and picturesque villages to the bustling city of London, Capital of Culture of Liverpool and multitude of alternative clubs and bars of Manchester.

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Free Tourist Attractions, Activities & Other Free Things to do in Europe

Free Tourist Attractions, Activities and Other Free Things to do in Europe.

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